What’s Next

Phase One: Pilot Project- COMPLETED

The first project was implemented at a hospital in the North of Syria. The solar energy system is expected to cover approximately 20-30% of the energy demand in normal scenarios (when diesel is available). In emergency situations (lack of diesel), the solar system with energy storage will continue to supply electricity to the hospital’s critical sections: intensive care units, operating rooms, and emergency departments. The cost of the pilot project was roughly $400,000 USD.


Phase Two: Hospitals In Lower Risk Regions 

There are 6-10 hospitals in the lower risk regions of Syria that are ideal for implementing solar energy systems.  A feasibility plan and remote data collection is currently under way to enable a ‘funding ready’ project by December 2017.  The locations and the hospitals were selected as the ‘highest impact’ hospitals based on logistics, economics, and technical feasibility for installation.

Phase Three: Health Facilities In All Accessible Areas Of Syria

The third phase will be to implement renewable energy solutions to all accessible healthcare facilities in Syria. A survey was completed on over 64 hospitals in different regions across Syria. Technical and economic feasibility assessments are underway to identify the best strategies for implementing energy-resiliant health systems in these hospitals and primary healthcare centres throughout Syria.

Our plan is to build the solar energy systems as soon as possible. 
If you are interested in funding a project please contact us: info@syriasolar.org

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